Over 20 police incidents reported at Chester cathedral in the past 18 months

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The different suspicious and crime incidents have always been a matter of concern to the police and the government. They are responsible for the safety of the citizens, and they are answerable to any mishap or bad happening. When the crime rate a rose, the government decided to appoint each area with one or more constables to keep it safe. When people sleep peacefully at night, the constables and other appointed police make sure that nothing wrong goes on which might prove to be a threat to their safety.

In the city of Chester, the Chester Cathedral is known as the mother of the Diocese of Chester. It was founded in 1092 and since then it has been a very attractive place for many people. It is an ancient, beautiful and cultural place for the worshiping of God. It is free to be entered and thousands of people visit it from not only England, but from all over the world.

The very concerning and worrying thing is when a sacred place like Chester Cathedral is not very safe. Yes, that’s right! There have been known over 20 police incidents reported at Chester Cathedral in the past 18 months. There have been numerous incidents that are observed in and around this sacred place. Police have been very concerned about this. The incidents are reported from time to time. They started in April, 2017 and there have been more than 20 since then, dealt with by police and solicitors in Chester. The following were reported:

· Around three incidents were reported because of safety issues. The people who reported are believed to be very much concerned about the safety.

· There are almost 2 people missing from Chester Cathedral during these 18 months. There are no signs observed of the missing persons. However, the police are still in search for them.

· Almost 2 reports of troublesome behaviour by some irritating and annoying persons.

· There have been reports for some very suspicious and abnormal activities going around and in Chester Cathedral. It includes almost 2 complaints.

· Then there have been 2 pre-planned incidents which caused trouble to people.

· A very abnormal and suspicious package was found which was reported a few months back.

· There has been one injury caused to a person visiting the Chester Cathedral.

· There has been one personal attack to a visitor which was reported earlier this year.

· Also, there have been three police-initiated responses in the area of Chester Cathedral.

There are four constables which are appointed for the safety and security of Chester Cathedral. The constables have reported to find certain reasons why the incidents have been happening around this area. These are mostly because of some homeless people who have been acting anti-social and troublesome to the visitors visiting this place. The constables added that there has been drug activity going on in the toilets which they found out.

These activities needed to be stopped. So, there were strict actions taken against them. Also, the constables claim that they do not stop anyone from entering the place until and unless that person does something that seems to be troublesome for the people. The constables are doing a great work in keeping a check and maintaining a peaceful environment. They take all necessary, measurable steps to ensure the safety and security of this sacred place, as well as the visitors that come every now and then.